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Below is a list of Canadian web sites providing information about trauma-informed practices with women.

Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH)

  • CAMH: Cross Currents Magazine Spring 2009 – This issue of Cross Currents was entitled “Are you trauma-informed?” See articles here
  • CAMH: First Stage Trauma Treatment: A guide for mental health professionals working with women.
    This site has excerpts from this book by Dr Lori Haskell. See article here
  • CAMH: Overview of trauma treatment for mental health and substance abuse counsellors – This section of the CAMH Knowledge Exchange Network provides links to a range of trauma treatment resources. See article here
  • CAMH: Women: What do these signs have in common? Recognizing the effects of abuse-related trauma.
    This pamphlet provides women who have experienced abuse and violence help in understanding what has happened to them, the possible effects of what has happened to them and where they can go for help. It is provided on the CAMH site in PDF form for printing and downloading. See pamphlet here

Ending Violence Association of BC 

Freedom from Violence: Tools for working with Trauma, Mental Health and Substance Use.
This comprehensive toolkit offers specific, practical trauma-informed strategies for working with women who have substance use and mental health concerns. Strategies for discussing substance use, mental health concerns and for safety planning are included. See toolkit here

The Homeless Hub

This Canadian site provides links to a range of resources on working in a trauma-informed way with people experiencing homelessness, including women and children. See articles here

The Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project

The Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project provides in-depth information on woman abuse, trauma and their relationship to mental health and substance use. There are a number of screening tools and a screening video. Also included are information on stabilization and safety planning.

Woman Abuse Response Program

Making Connections for Women with Experiences of abuse was developed to support women experiencing violence, mental health and substance use issues. It is led by the Woman Abuse Response Program at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre Vancouver, BC. See handbook here

British Columbia Society of Transition Houses

British Columbia Society of Transition Houses is a non-profit centre that supports strategies and agencies that work to end violence against women and children. They provide training, resources and education to service agencies and partner with other community organizations in special projects and knowledge translation activities.  They are currently undertaking a project entitled Reducing Barriers to Support for Women Experiencing Violence which is about expanding support on substance use and mental health concerns for women accessing violence services

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