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This discussion guide reflects a virtual discussion on mothering and substance use which took place in 2009 as a part of the Gendering the National Framework project.

Mothering and Substance Use: Approaches to Prevention, Harm Reduction and Treatment

These 8 resources were developed in 2013-14 to support service providers to engage with women and their partners on alcohol use, pregnancy, and prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Evidence and practice issues have been synthesized into 8 topics that allow service providers to explore issues from different perspectives. Each topic area includes: a brief overview of recent research findings; practical strategies for addressing alcohol issues with women; online resources for further reading and for sharing with women and their supports; reflection and discussion questions; and referral information for British Columbia.


The infographics from the resources have been redesigned and translated for national distribution and are included individually below alongside the resource.

  1. Who Drinks Alcohol During Pregnancy? and Infographic #1

  2. “It Is Safest Not To Drink During Pregnancy.” What Does This Mean? and Infographic #2

  3. Alcohol, Contraception and Preconception and Infographic #3

  4. Treatment and Care for Pregnant Women who use Alcohol and/or Other Drugs and Infographic #4

  5. Pregnancy, Alcohol, and Trauma-informed Practice and Infographic #5

  6. Alcohol, Pregnancy and Partner Support and Infographic #6

  7. Girls, Alcohol and Pregnancy  and Infographic #7

  8. Young Women, Alcohol and Pregnancy and Infographic #8


All 8 infographics can be downloaded as a package below:

Alcohol and Pregnancy (English)

L'alcool and la grossesse (French)


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