Perspectives on Women and Tobacco

Nearly 20 percent of the world's population smokes cigarettes, including about 800 million men and 200 million women. Overall, global rates of male smoking have peaked. And while rates of smoking are on the decline in high income countries like Canada, rates of women's smoking in low and middle income countries are on the increase. The World Health Organization predicts that the prevalence of smoking among women worldwide will be 20 percent by 2025 – a sharp contrast to the 12 percent of the world's women who smoke today.

Successfully addressing tobacco use trends requires interrupting the rise in women's tobacco use as well as women's exposure to secondhand smoke. Policies, strategies, and interventions to address tobacco use are needed to support not just women who smoke, but all women whose lives are affected by tobacco.

Women and Tobacco: A Casebook

Drawing upon 15 years of research, intervention design and knowledge translation at the BCCEWH, this casebook profiles a range of issues, strategies, and interventions concerning girls, women and smoking for local, national and global audiences of health care and social service providers, researchers, program planners, policy makers, and women. Includes discussion guides and links to key resources. The introduction and overview to the casebook is also available in French.

Shortened versions of the Women and Tobacco casebook have been adapted for specific audiences.


Turning a New Leaf: Women, Tobacco, and the Future

Provides an overview of women's tobacco use in different social contexts, identifies the health effects of tobacco, and describes women's role in tobacco production and marketing. Also available in French and Spanish.


Sifting the Evidence: Gender and global tobacco control

Gender and Tobacco : A policy brief

Policy recommendations for gender-responsive tobacco control, with an emphasis on the opportunities presented by the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and other relevant treaties and agreements.


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